Meerut Cake

Best designer cake collection for your sweetheart birthday

An occasion can be of different type. It can be a simple birthday party of your beloved mother. Wedding anniversary is another occasion to celebrate. Some of you have a huge budget for celebration. But, few people have limitations. Cakes have become a must for all occasions. We have a wide range of such cakes in different designs and sizes. You can send it to any city within the nation. Our delivery boys are prompt in sending cakes to the destination.

Unique cake delivery for Meerut city

We have expert cake maker within our own bakery. You will enjoy our delicious varieties right from Meerut. Even if you stay away from us, we will send you the order. Our customers are returning to order more cakes from us. They are liking the taste and presentation. You can gift a cake through Meerut Cake when you have no gifts idea in your mind.

Top designer cakes for sweetheart's birthday

Are you in a relationship? Is it few months before marriage? Is it the stage before you propose? In both the situations, pleasing your girlfriend is vital. Always keep her birthday in your mind. Try to wish her first before her family members. You can surprise her by delivering a bunch of flower and cake from us. You can also get designer cake for Meerut city. Following are some variety you can choose:

3 kg heart shaped pineapple cake

Do you have enough cash in hand? Is your budget within 4k? Then we have a wonderful cake for you. This is a heart shaped cake with pineapple yellow coating. Also you get toppings with chocolate sticks in it. This will bring a smile on your girlfriends face.

1 KG heart shaped chocolate cake

Chocolate cake is one of the favorite of any female. This is a lovely cake for all men with little low budget. This will come within the price range of 1300. It is very well decorated with yellow flakes around. The surface is flat with chocolate. You can write her name.

2 kg heart shaped butter scotch cake

Butter scotch cakes are wonderful variety for many people. The decoration is unique here. The cake is totally white. There are orange hearts from the left hand side. She will be happy seeing it.

We have more collections of such delicious cake. You must call us immediately to place order. You may visit our website as well. Customer care over the phone and even with live chat support is available. Reach us immediately.